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Out-of-State Students

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Distance Learning Complaint Process for Out-of-State Students

Residency Requirements for Out-of-State Students.

Under North Carolina law a person may qualify as a resident for tuition purposes in North Carolina, thereby being eligible for a tuition rate lower than for non-residents.

The Admissions Counselors or the Admissions & Records staff will determine the residency status of the applicant based on the information supplied on the application for admission.  It is the student's responsibility to provide the College with the necessary information to prove in-state status.  Students who, after submitting an admissions application, have been classified as out of state for tuition purposes may appeal their residency status.  Students wishing to appeal their status must complete an Appendix B (North Carolina Residence & Tuition Status Application) or an Appendix D (active military only) and provide supporting documentation.  It is recommended that the student review the following "Requirements/Qualifications" and "Documentation" before completing these documents for submission:

REQUIREMENTS/QUALIFICATIONS (applicable to Appendix B only)


Under North Carolina law, to qualify for in-state tuition for a given term you must demonstrate:

  • that you have established your legal domicile in North Carolina (Capacity)
  • that you were physically present in the state (Presence)
  • that you intend to make North Carolina a permanent home indefinitely, rather than being in North Carolina solely to attend college (Intent)
  • that you have maintained that domicile for at least twelve continuous months prior to the term you wish to be classified as a resident for tuition purposes (Duration)

DOCUMENTATION (applicable to Appendix B only)

NOTE: No one document or combination will necessarily be the determining factor.  Living in or attending school in North Carolina does not, in itself, establish residence.  Residence for tuition purposes is determined by your length of residence and the weight of the evidence you present.  If you wish to provide more documents than listed below, you may do so.

Documents to consider submitting (at least 5) along with your application in order to be considered for in-state tuition:

  • N.C. Driver's License
  • Employment History
  • Filing of Income Taxes as a N.C. Resident
  • Voters Registration Card
  • N.C. Auto Insurance
  • N.C. Auto Registration
  • N.C. Mortgage/Lease Agreements
  • Ownership of Real Property in N.C.

The Appendix B (North Carolina Residence & Tuition Status Application) and Appendix D (active military only) may be completed on-line; however, upon completion the form must be printed and submitted with the applicant's signature.

Click HERE for Appendix B form (Word® format for completing electronically)
Click HERE for Appendix B form (PDF format for printing ONLY)

Click HERE for Appendix D form (Word® format for completing electronically)
Click HERE for Appendix D form (PDF format for printing ONLY)


Students may either bring Appendix B forms (completed and signed) to the Office of the Vice President of Student Development Services located in Vernon White Building, Room 4, or mail/fax to the following address:

Pitt Community College
Attn: Vice President, Student Development Services
P.O. Drawer 7007
Greenville, NC  27835-7007
FAX: (252)-321-4333

It is recommended that students bring completed forms in at least three weeks prior to priority registration for the semester in which they are applying for in-state residency.  For questions regarding the appeals process or for more information, please call (252) 493-7211.


Students may either bring Appendix D forms (completed and signed) to the Enrollment Bar for the Office of Admissions & Records located in the Craig F. Goess Student Center or mail/fax to the following address:

Pitt Community College
Office of Admissions & Records
Attn:  Registrar
P.O. Drawer 7007
Greenville, NC  27835-7007
FAX: (252) 321-4209

For questions regarding the appeals process for Appendix D (active military only), please call (252) 493-7208

GUIDANCE: Refunding Difference Between In-State and Out-of-State Tuition

Section III.B., pp. 10-11 of the State Residence Manual provides the following: "A residence status classification once assigned (and finalized pursuant to any appeal properly taken) may be changed thereafter only at intervals corresponding with the established primary divisions of the academic calendar of the institution, viz. at the beginning of a semester . . . . No change in residence status classification for tuition purposes (and thus no change in applicable billing rates) shall be effected during such a semester, quarter, or term, with resulting increases or decreases in the tuition obligation prorated for a portion of such semester, quarter or term. . . . If the reclassification inquiry (or any appeal taken in connection therewith) is not completed prior to commencement of the next succeeding pertinent semester, quarter, or term, the pre-existing classification shall prevail for purposes of tuition billing, with the understanding that a final conclusion in the classification or reclassification shall result in appropriate, prompt supplemental billing for any underpayment or refund of overpayment, for the intervening term(s)."


If you are currently not classified as a resident for tuition purposes and want to apply for the in-state tuition benefit, you must file your application in a timely manner in accordance with Section III.B., pp. 10-11 of the State Residence Manual as indicated above. Please file by the appropriate dates below.

Summer Session 2014 - file application by 5 p.m., Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fall Session 2014 - file application by 5 p.m., Thursday, August 14, 2014

Students who have paid tuition & fees at the out-of-state rate and are found eligible to be charged in-state tuition will receive a refund of the difference between out-of-state and in-state rates if the residence application is filed by the above deadlines.

Military Benefit – please submit the required application and supporting documentation to the appropriate admission office no earlier than 30-days prior to the term for which you are applying, but no later than the first day of classes for that term. Applications submitted later than the first day of class will not be accepted until the next enrolling term.

UNC Employee Dependent/Spouse Benefit - please provide a letter from your HR certifying official verifying UNC full-time, permanent employment to the Office of the Registrar no earlier than 30-days prior to the term for which you are applying. Employment must be in effect on the first day of class for this benefit granted.

Residency applications for an expired term are not accepted.

This notice supersedes any different information about filing periods in Pitt Community College publications and websites.

The Manual of Policies and Procedures of the State Residence Committee is on reserve in the Pitt Community College Library or may be reviewed at the following website:

Additional Reference:
Residency Manual approved by the State Board of Community Colleges August 2010