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Placement Testing

Placement Test

What is the Placement Test and how will it impact my college career?

The placement test includes sections on math, English, and computer skills. The
placement test determines where you will start your coursework at PCC.  We offer
a variety of classes to meet the needs of every student who enrolls. It is
important that each student begins coursework where they will be most
successful. The placement test can help us to determine which class will best
meet your needs.

It is important to take this test very seriously and to do your best. Your starting point will affect your graduation date, so take some time to explore the information about the placement test:

NC DAP Test Information (including study materials)

Frequently Asked Questions 

Testing Hours (schedule an appointment)


PCC Placement Testing administers the NC Diagnostic Assessment and Placement (NC-DAP) test, which is used by North Carolina’s community colleges to identify student readiness for college-level courses. The NC DAP assesses students' general understanding of general English and math skills and determines which  English and math courses students should be placed into as they begin their college education. 

The NC DAP test consists of the following sections:


Things to know about the NC-DAP math test

Placement Test Official Study Guide

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The NC-DAP English test is comprised of three sections:
  1. Essay Section
  2. Reading Multiple Choice Section
  3. Revising and Editing Writing Multiple Choice Section

Things to know about the NC-DAP English test:

Placement Test Official Study Guide

Essay Guide with Sample Essays


Computer Skills

PCC requires students to complete a computer skills placement test. The computer skills placement test is a short 25 multiple choice question test.  This test was designed by the PCC Information Systems Technology Department to determine students' computer skills readiness.  The computer skills placement test determines if a student will be required to take CIS-070-Fundamentals of Computing before enrolling in further computer courses. 

While there is no study guide for the computer skills placement test, since the test is designed to determine your current computer skills, students may refresh their computer skills by clicking on the links below:

Computer Basics

Internet Basics

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Excel

To view the minimum required score to place out of CIS-070 and testing waiver policies, please click here.

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Testing Hours

Placement Testing is administered by appointment only. Students should schedule their testing appointment ASAP upon receipt of their acceptance letter, since testing appointments are limited.  Students who wait until summer, which is Testing's busy period, to schedule an appointment may find that all testing appointments are already booked.  Students will NOT be able to register for classes until they complete their placement test.

What Information do I need to know before I schedule my appointment?

What do I need to bring the day of testing?

How do I schedule an appointment?

Students may schedule an appointment online via the PCC Online Scheduler.