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Tutorial And Academic Success

Academic Skills Lab Rules

NOTE: These rules are subject to change to better meet the goals of the ASL and to accommodate the needs of the students that we serve.

  1. All students MUST present a valid picture ID in order to use this lab (e.g. student ID or driver licenses).
  2. Lab assistants are available to help students with technical issues and questions related to computer hardware or software, but cannot be expected to instruct students on course content. Questions related to assignments should be directed to the appropriate instructor.  Tutoring is available for course content assistance.
  3. This lab is for Academic Student Use. Other activities are not supported (non-academic: games, chat, etc.). This ensures that students have an opportunity to access the computers for coursework. Time limits and other rules may be put into effect if necessary.
  4. Only beverages with LOCK CAP containers are allowed in this lab. No food or open drinks are allowed near computers or at On Demand Tables.
  5. Absolutely no Cell Phone conversations in the lab. Please keep your cell phone on silent mode while visiting the lab.
  6. Be sure to save frequently and backup all work to a removable media device. Do not save to the hard drive or desktop as your work will be lost upon restarting the computer.
  7. Collaborative work and quiet conversations are allowed. Please be considerate. Refrain from loud talking, laughter, or music.
  8. No children allowed in the lab.
  9. This lab adheres to the Information Technology Resources Acceptable Use Policy. A copy of this policy is available in the PCC Catalog and at www.pittcc.edu/experience-pcc/administrative-departments/oits/naup.htm .
  10. The ASL staff has responsibility for enforcing these rules and will notify students if they are in violation. Failure to comply with theses rules may result in dismissal from the lab, loss of computing privileges, or other disciplinary action.

Student email address format: userid@my.pittcc.edu

Example: John Michael Doe whose student ID number is 0098765
email format is:  jmdoe765@my.pittcc.edu.

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