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The Social Sciences Department is composed of highly-qualified faculty who have a wide array of experience and professional qualifications that translate into dedicated instruction for PCC students. Get to know our faculty, their interests, and their specialities.

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Health and Physical Education






Health and Physical Education

Nikki Coutouzis


Office: RR 222

Phone: 493-7535

Email: nbcoutouzis478@my.pittcc.edu

Degree: Masters of Arts in Health Education and Promotion

Alma Mater: ECU

Bio: My education, research, and work has mostly focused on proper nutrition, physical activity, and tobacco cessation to prevent chronic disease. Additional research includes previously providing research support at East Carolina University for eastern North Carolina emergency preparedness. Professional work has included community Needs Assessment and Healthy Carolinians program implementation, and tobacco prevention and cessation  with adults and youth in Mecklenburg, Pamlico, Craven, Lenoir, and Greene counties.

Courses Taught:Personal Health and Wellness (HEA 110); Fit and Well for Life (PED 110)

Advises University Transfer


Tommy Eason

Office: Lewis Field House

Phone: 493-7680

Email: teason@email.pittcc.edu

Degree: Master of Arts in Education-Athletic Administration

Alma Mater: ECU

Bio: Making sure that student-athletes are academically qualified to move on to higher education schools (NCAA). NCAA schools demand more for being an athlete, above the average standards for getting into school and being able to compete in sports.  

Advises University Transfer students


Farrah Owens

Office: RR 222

Phone: 493-7760

Email: fhowens671@my.pittcc.edu

Degree: Masters of Education in Exercise and Sports Science

Alma Mater: ECU

Bio: Farrah Owens received a degree in Exercise and Sport Science (BS) in 1999 and a Masters of Education in Exercise in Sport Science in 2001 from East Carolina University. She taught in the public schools and coached before joining the community college system in 2003. Coached volleyball and women's basketball at the junior college level for 9 years. She has been involved in coaching in various community programs for ages 4-12 both boys and girls basketball, volleyball and softball.

Courses Taught: HEA 110: Personal Health and Wellness; PED 110: Fit and Well for Life

Advises AGE students


Jeff Ramey

Displaying Jeff Pic II - Jeff Ramey.jpg

Office: RR 220

Phone: 493-7231

Email: jsramey478@my.pittcc.edu

Degree: Master of Arts in Education: Health Education & Promotion

Alma Mater: ECU

Bio: Physical Fitness, Personal Health & Wellness, and Exercise Physiology

Courses Taught: HEA 110: Personal Health and Wellness; PED 110: Fit and Well for Life

Advises University Transfer students



Anthony Dunn

Dunn pic.png

Office: RR 219

Phone: 493-7515

Email: ajdunn709@my.pittcc.edu

Degree: Masters of Arts in History

Alma Mater: ECU

MA Thesis: The American Political Perspective: The Diffusion of Whig Ideals in Revolutionary America

Anthony Dunn was a former student at PCC who then went on to obtain a BA in History and Philosophy at East Carolina University. He continued his graduate studies at ECU, specializing in Colonial America and political philosophy. He returned to PCC to teach history and help mentor transfer students as he once was. Anthony served two terms as Faculty Senate President as is a strong advocate for study abroad opportunities for PCC students. Currently, Anthony co-leads the “Live and Learn in Paris” study abroad program.

Advises University Transfer Students

Courses Taught: American History I (HIS 131); American History II (HIS 132); World Civilizations I (HIS 111); African-American History (HIS 221)


Wesley Bishop

Office: RR 210

Phone: 493-7368

Email: wlbishop981@my.pittcc.edu

Degree: Masters of Arts in History

Alma Mater: ECU; MidAmerica Nazarene University

MA Thesis: “Charles Johnson, the Church of the Nazarene, and Civil Rights in Meridian, Mississippi”

Bio: Wesley Bishop earned his BA in history from MidAmerica Nazarene University in 1995 and entered the corporate world. He started teaching at PCC in 2004 in the Developmental Studies Department. The experience encouraged him to work on his master’s in history at ECU. His area of study focused on the role of religion, particularly Evangelical Christianity, in the Civil Rights Movement. After graduating in 2011, he started teaching history at PCC, becoming full time in 2012.

Courses Taught: World Civilizations I (HIS 111); World Civilizations II (HIS 112), American History I (HIS 131), American History II (HIS 132)

Advises for AGE students


Thomas Doumaux

Office: RR 210

Phone: 493-7392

Email: tcdoumaux705@my.pittcc.edu

Degree: PhD in British History

Alma Mater: Vanderbilt University; University of St. Andrews; The Ohio State University

PhD Dissertation: Fast Days and Faction: The Reformation in Britain c.1560-c.1660

Bio: My career teaching history began at East Carolina University in the fall of 2008 as a part-time Teaching Assistant Professor. I became a full-time history instructor at Pitt Community College in fall 2014. Most often, I have taught World History but American History has also become a course I frequently teach. I have particular interests in Renaissance and Reformation Europe, Early Modern Britain, ancient Greece and Rome, the ancient Near East, and Medieval Europe. I am also the faculty adviser to the Pitt Community College History Association, which is a club for PCC students interested in history.

Courses Taught: World Civilizations I (HIS 111); World Civilizations II (HIS 112), American History I (HIS 131), American History II (HIS 132)

Advises AGE students



Tricia Adams

Office: RR 210

Phone: 493-7390

Email: pgadams428@my.pittcc.edu

Degree: Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology

Alma Mater: ECU; UNCW

MA Thesis: The relationships among quality of life, cancer-related stressors, and self-esteem in children recently diagnosed with cancer; 

Blended Learning and Flipped Classrooms: A Comprehensive Guide (Patricia Adams and Happy Gingras, Part-Time Press 2017)

Bio: Patricia Adams has been teaching in the community college and university classroom for more than a decade. She maintains a psychology practice in addition to her teaching, and provides regular professional development and consultation on flipped and blended learning. She has been honored with a number of nominations and awards, including the Excellence Award through the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD), and serves on the board and as an active member in state and national professional associations.

Courses Taught: General Psychology (PSY 150); Developmental Psychology (PSY 241); Abnormal Psychology (PSY 281)

Jennifer Addison

Office: RR 212

Phone: 252-493-7708

Email: jdaddison509@my.pittcc.edu

Degree: Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology

Alma Mater: Marshall; Bluefield College

Bio: Jennifer Addison has more than 16 years of experience teaching psychology in higher education. She also practiced as a psychologist for four years. Her clinical experience includes conducting therapy with individuals and groups in both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric facilities. Her areas of interest include abnormal psychology, forensic psychology, birth order and personality.

Courses Taught: General Psychology (PSY 150); Developmental Psychology (PSY 241)

Advises AGE students


Brook Cathey

Office: RR 221

Phone: 493-7291

Email: blcathey354@my.pittcc.edu

Degree: Masters of Arts in Psychology

Alma Mater: ECU; Appalachian State

MA Thesis:How Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Effects Eyeblink Classical Conditioning in Rats

Bio: I teach General Psychology and Lifespan Development.  All of my classes are globalized, meaning I include information on how cultures effect the way that we think, feel, behave, and change. My teaching platforms include face-to-face, Internet, and Hybrid courses. I also have experience teaching in a virtual classroom, and have extensive research experience in the fields of Developmental Neuroscience and Obesity and Diabetes.

Courses Taught: General Psychology (PSY 150); Developmental Psychology (PSY 241)

Advises for AGE


Jean Cahoon

Office: 221

Phone: 252-493-7489

Email: jlcahoon753@my.pittcc.edu

Degree: Master of Arts Clinical in Psychology, Master of Arts in Genetics LPA, HSP-PA

Alma Mater: ECU; UNCC

MA Thesis: The Efrid scoring system for the Bender Gestalt test: Normative, validity and reliability data for high school students. (psychology)

An investigation of the Fragile X site as it relates to chromosome overlap in cultured human white blood cells. (genetics)

Bio: I am a licensed clinical psychologist with a private practice specializing in family and individuals. I have been teaching at PCC since 1998 and ECU since 2013. I am involved in Faculty Senate, on the board of NC Community College Sociology and Psychology Association, and I have conducted campus research on mental health awareness among students with a colleague.

Courses Taught: General Psychology (PSY 150); Developmental Psychology (PSY 241)

Advises University Transfer students


Sadie Oates

Office: RR 218

Phone: 493-7413

Email: spoates@my.pittcc.edu

Degree: Masters of Arts in Psychology

Alma Mater: ECU

MA Thesis: Cooperative Learning: The Impact of Group Processing with Community College Students

Bio: I have been at PCC for over 25 wonderful years. As Chair of the Social Science Department, my role is divided between teaching Psychology and the administration that goes with being in charge of a Department.  I currently teach Online Developmental Psychology and On line General Psychology, which I both enjoy immensely.  I received both my undergraduate and graduate degrees from ECU and have a strong interest in the Community College System and Empowering Students for Success.

Advises University Transfer students

Courses Taught: General Psychology (PSY 150); Developmental Psychology (PSY 241); Stress Management (PSY 115);Interpersonal Psychology (PSY 118); Psychology of Adjustment (PSY 211)



Dr. James Blake

Office: RR-123

Phone: 252-493-7707

Email: jgblake353@my.pittcc.edu

Degree: Phd. in Resource Management

Alma Mater: Texas A&M University; UNC; NC State

MA Thesis: A Recreation and Parks Plan for Albemarle, N.C.;

Doctoral Dissertation: Constraints in the Use of Recreation Facilities in Austin, Texas and Metro Dade County, Florida.

Bio: Worked for 14 years as a consultant to numerous local and state agencies as a city and regional planner; for nine years as a personal financial analyst; and taught courses in resource management, planning and sociology for 27 years at the university and community college level.

Courses Taught:Introduction to Sociology (SOC 210); Sociology of Family (SOC 213)

Advises University Transfer


Trish Gaither


Office: RR-209

Phone: 493-7871

Email: pggaither853@my.pittcc.edu

Degree: Master of Science in Sociology

Alma Mater: BYU; NC State

MA Thesis: What Types of After-School Programs Benefit LEP Students?

Publications: “Assessing the 21st Century after-school program and the educational gains of LEP participants: A contextual approach.” Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk (JESPAR), 20 (4).

Bio: Primary research interests include social inequalities, especially pertaining to gender, race and ethnicity, social class, and LGBT rights.

Courses Taught: Introduction to Sociology (SOC 210); Sociology of Family (SOC 213); Social Problems (SOC 220)

Advises AGE students


Kim Marriner

Kim Marriner

Office: RR 209

Phone: 493-7787

Email: kfmarriner233@my.pittcc.edu

Degree: Master of Arts in Sociology

Alma Mater: ECU

MA Thesis: The Efficacy of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Marriage and Family Counseling

Bio: I have been teaching sociology for 24 years. I previously taught psychology classes as well. My areas of interest are social inequality and marriage and family.

Courses Taught:Introduction to Sociology (SOC 210); Sociology of Family (SOC 213)