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Business Division

Computer Technologies Department Faculty

Greg Robison, Ed. D.
Department Chair
RLH 212, 252-493-7540

Shelley Allen, M.S. Ed.
Instructor, Networking
Director, CISCO Local Academy
RLH 315, 252-493-7575

Tyerice Armwood, MISM
Instructor, Computer Programming
RLH 324, 252-493-7512

Tim Bivans, M.S.
Curriculum Coordinator, Simulation and Game Development
RLH 321, 252-494-7336

Shannon Cotnam, Ed. D.
Instructor, Information Systems - College Transfer
RLH 317, 252-493-7508

Anthony Garner, M.S. Ed.
Curriculum Coordinator, Web Technologies
RLH 320, 252-493-7355

Beverly Garrett
Administrative Assistant
RLH 212, 252-493-7574

Emily Harrington, B.S.
Curriculum Coordinator, Computer Information Technology
RLH 323, 252-493-7500

Joseph Jeansonne, M.S. I.T.
Curriculum Coordinator, Networking Technology
RLH 316, 252-493-7275

Jeffery Mobley, MISM
Instructor, Information Systems - College Transfer
RLH 324, 252-493-7302

Bynum Murray, M.F.A.
Instructor, Simulation and Game Development
RLH 325, 252-493-7726

Yolanda Pritchard, M.S.
Instructor, Information Systems
RLH 325, 252-493-7622

Charmaine Smith, M.A. T.
Curriculum Coordinator, Information Systems - College Transfer
RLH 319, 252-493-7525

Bill Sypawka, Ed. D.
Curriculum Coordinator, Computer Programming
RLH 322, 252-493-7430