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Certificate Options

The Electronics Engineering program currently offers three certificates designed to strategically prepare the student for specialized knowledge in the electronics industry. They are valid alternatives when the student cannot accommodate the commitment needed for the degree program. The courses that comprise each certificate are also currently offered within our night program, as well, for convenience.

The Basic Electronics Technology Certificate is for students that want a solid foundation in digital and analog electronic theory. This certificate includes the courses necessary for only a basic understanding of electronic fundamentals.

The Computer Technology Certificate is for students desiring to supplement their current knowledge in the growing area of computers. This certificate will equip the student with the courses needed to better prepare them for working in the computer industry as a computer sales associate, computer technician, system installer, small business network administrator, or even a website or server administrator.

The Automation Technology Certificate is designed to prepare the student for advancement in their current employment in the manufacturing environment, or to equip them to quickly enter a career in the manufacturing or automation industries.

Basic Electronics Certificate

Course Description Hours Notes
ELC 131 DC/AC Circuit Analysis 5  
ELN 131 Semiconductor Devices 4  
ELN 133 Digital Electronics 4  
  TOTAL HRS 13  

Computer Technology Certificate

Course Description Hours Notes
CET 111 PC Upgrade I 3  
CET 211 PC Upgrade II 3  
EGR 125 Application Software 2  
ELN 232 Microprocessors 4  
  TOTAL HRS 12  

Automation Certificate

Course Description Hours Notes
ATR 218 Computer Integrated Mfg. 3  
ELC 128 Intro to PLC's 3  
ELC 228 PLC Applications 4  
ATR 281 Automation Robotics 4  
  TOTAL HRS 14  

For more information regarding these certificates and your options, please contact the Electronics Engineering Program Coordinator, Prentice Tyndall, via email or at (252) 493-7335.