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Health Sciences

Evaluation and Grading

Student evaluation begins prior to admission to a health sciences program when the application to enter PCC, admission test scores, and high school and college transcripts are reviewed.

Regular evaluation of each student's progress is planned and instituted at the beginning of the academic year. Students are required to participate actively in the evaluation process. As part of the evaluation process, students are required to complete comprehensive exams and/or skills assessments at times designated by the faculty.

Academic Progression

A GPA of 2.5 is required for students to enter most health sciences programs (refer to Health Sciences Program Information for application criteria). A GPA of 2.0 and a "C" or better in all curriculum courses is required for students to progress through and graduate from a health sciences program.

After admission to a health sciences program, any student who presents physical or emotional health problems which do not respond to appropriate treatment or counseling within a specified time frame may be evaluated for dismissal (or withdrawal). At any time, a faculty member may remove a student from clinical practice experiences if the student demonstrates any behavior which jeopardizes safe patient care.