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Faculty Award for Innovation and Engagement

Nomination Forms will be available in the Fall.


To recognize faculty who are leading the way in improving student retention and completion by implementing innovative and engaging teaching and learning methods in the classroom.


To improve student success in the classroom.

Process and Procedures

The Office of Teaching and Learning is charged with promoting innovation and engagement in the classroom in order to assist the campus-wide effort of improving student success.



Students can nominate both part-time and full-time faculty.

Nominations must describe the classroom experience in order to illustrate what occurred in the classroom that promoted innovative and engaging learning. The student nominator will show how the instructor’s teaching methods set the classroom experience apart from others and promoted student success.

Every attempt will be made to encourage student nominators from all divisions.

An electronic nomination form will include the following information from the student nominator:

  1. Description of the innovative teaching strategy and/or classroom activity
  2. Description of how the teaching strategy and/or classroom activity assisted in helping a student approach the subject in a way that enhanced learning, with a deeper understanding of the material
  3. Description of the change the student saw in themselves as learners as a result of the innovative and engaging teaching
  4. Description of how the teaching strategy and/or classroom activity may have helped the student improve in another class
  5. Artifacts associated with the strategy and/or activity – include handouts, notes, assignments, quizzes, and tests that assist in demonstrating the strength of the teaching innovation and engagement (artifacts will be secured after the nomination if the nominee is chosen as a finalist)



In order to be eligible for the award, the instructor must meet ALL of the following eligibility criteria:


As a student-centered award, students will decide the winners of the award. The student group who will select the winners will consist of 2 active members and one alternate from four different student campus clubs/organizations (club representation will vary as necessary according to the availability of students). The Director of Teaching and Learning will coordinate the voting process. The student selection committee will select the finalists, facilitate interviews with the finalists, and choose the winners of the award. In the event that we do not have a quorum during the voting process, we will reschedule the vote for another day/time.

Selection criteria will reflect the following on a rubric to be scored by the student representatives:

  1. The creative features of the innovation
  2. The impact of the innovation on student learning and/or the student experience
  3. The ability of the innovation to engage students in the learning process
  4. The transferability of the innovation and its potential for adoption in other courses
  5. The impact of the innovation on the quality of teaching and learning at PCC



Nominations will begin no later than October 1st of every academic year. Winners will be announced no later than December 31st.



A maximum of 3 instructors will be eligible to receive the award.

The award winners will receive the following:


Questions about the process and policies of the award? Contact the Director of Teaching and Learning, Happy Gingras, hgingras@email.pittcc.edu.