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Faculty Professional Development Rewards System

 office of teaching and learning


The purpose of the Faculty Professional Development Rewards System is to increase faculty member’s awareness of available on-campus professional development activities and to encourage faculty involvement in said activities.


The goal of this program is reflective in our mission by offering educational options that encourage innovative and engaging teaching methods and other topics that support student success on our campus.

Process and Procedures

Faculty (both adjunct and full time) who engage in professional development activities that are sanctioned by the Office of Teaching and Learning between Convocation and April 30 (roughly equivalent to the academic year) will accrue points. Each activity that is offered on campus as a sanctioned event will have a point value attached to it. Successful completion of the activity will get you the points for that activity. Faculty who accrue a minimum of 100 points will be entered into a drawing for travel to the Teaching Professor Conference in June.

This rewards program is only for the 2017-2018 school year. There is no guarantee of this program for future years.

Faculty can earn points a variety of ways:

Please note:

To be counted as a participant, you must:

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Point Values: