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Carl D. Perkins Federal Grant

Allowable and Non-Allowable Costs Guidance

In the event of any questions or potential conflicts please contact your Perkins Program Coordinator for guidance

Allowable Expenditures

• Involvement of parents, business, and labor in planning and operation
• Career guidance and academic counseling
• Work related experiences for both students and faculty
• Programs for special populations
• Education and business partnerships
• Secondary and Post-secondary linkages
• Mentoring and support services
• Upgrading equipment or adapting facilities required for equipment installation
• Job counseling and placement programs
• Non-traditional training and employment
• Insurance or maintenance on equipment purchased with grant money
• Personnel services that do not supplant
• Operating expenses that do not supplant
• Consultants
• Instructional materials that do not supplant
• Travel
• Instructional equipment

Non-Allowable Expenditures
Activities that support the following broad categories are not allowed at the local level

• Student expenses or direct assistance to students
• Entertainment
• Awards and memorabilia
• Individual memberships
• Memberships or anything related to lobbying
• Fines and penalties
• Expenses that supplant
• Audits except single audit
• Contributions and donations
• Contingencies
• Facilities
• Furniture
• General Advertising
• Alcohol
• Fundraising
• General administration apart from program administration