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Health Care

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Nursing Assistant I

ID# Course Dates Days Time Cost
Summer 2018          
115625  Nursing Assistant I 4/25-8/8  WTh  8a-12p  $213 + book/fees 
Clinical  115625 Clinical   7/12-8/1  WTh  6:45a-3:15p   
115627  Nursing Assistant I  4/25-8/8  WTh  6p-10p  $213 + book/fees 
Clinical  115627 Clinical   7/12-8/1  WTh  2:45p-11:15p   
115628  Nursing Assistant I  4/28-8/11  Sa  8a-5p  $213 + book/fees 
Clinical  115628 Clinical   7/21-8/5  SaSu  6:45a-3:15p   
115629 Nursing Assistant I 4/30-8/13 MT 6p-10p $213 + book/fees
Clinical 115629 Clinical  7/17-8/6 MT 2:45p-11:15p  
Fall 2018          
119632 Nursing Assistant I 8/22-12/6  WTh  8a-12p  $213 + book/fees 
Clinical 119632 Clinical   11/7-11/29  WTh  6:45a-3:15p   
119633 Nursing Assistant I  8/22-12/6  WTh  1p-5p  $213 + book/fees 
Clinical 119633 Clinical   11/7-11/29  WTh  6:45a-3:15p   
119634 Nursing Assistant I  8/22-12/6  WTh  6p-10p  $213 + book/fees 
Clinical 119634 Clinical   11/7-11/29  WTh  2:45p-11:15p   
119630 Nursing Assistant I  8/25-12/8  Sa  8a-5p  $213 + book/fees 
Clinical 119630 Clinical   11/10-12/2  SaSu  6:45a-3:15p   
119631 Nursing Assistant I  8/27-12/10  MT  6p-10p  $213 + book/fees 
Clinical 119631 Clinical   11/13-12/3  MT  2:45p-11:15p   

Nursing Assistant II

ID# Course Dates Days Time Cost
Summer 2018          
115630  Nursing Assistant II 5/7-8/13 * MT  8a-12:30p  $215 + book/fees 
Clinical  115630 Clinical  7/3-8/6  MT  6:45a-3:15p   
115631  Nursing Assistant II  5/7-8/13 * MT  5:30p-10p  $215 + book/fees 
Clinical  115631 Clinical  7/3-8/6  MT  2:45p-11:15p   
Fall 2018          
119635  Nursing Assistant II 9/4-12/10  MT  8a-12:30p  $215 + book/fees 
Clinical  119635 Clinical   10/30-12/3  MT  6:45a-3:15p   
119636  Nursing Assistant II  9/4-12/10  MT  5:30p-10p  $215 + book/fees 
Clinical  119636 Clinical   10/30-12/3  MT  2:45p-11:15p   

* Mandatory Orientation for Summer 2018: April 27 from 10am-12:30pm in GS 301 or April 30 from 6pm-8:30pm in GS 301

NOTE: Clinical times may change or vary due to hospital availability

Nursing Assistant I Refresher

ID# Course Dates Days Time Cost
115633 NA I Refresher 5/16-6/14 WTh  1p-5p  $135 + book/fees 
119639 NA I Refresher 9/19-10/18  WTh  1p-5p  $135 + book/fees 

Nursing Aide II Competency Testing

ID# Course Dates Days Time Cost
115663 NA II Competency Testing  4/23-4/24 MT 9a-1p $80 + kit
119659 NA II Competency Testing
6/4-6/5  MT  1p-5p  $80 + kit 
119660 NA II Competency Testing   8/6-8/7  MT  1p-5p  $80 + kit 
119662 NA II Competency Testing   9/10-9/11  MT  1p-5p  $80 + kit 
119663 NA II Competency Testing   10/8-10/9  MT  1p-5p  $80 + kit 
119664 NA II Competency Testing   11/12-11/13  MT  1p-5p  $80 + kit 

Medication Aide

ID# Course Dates Days Time Cost
115634 Medication Aide 6/20-6/28 WTh  10a-5p  $80 + book
119637 Medication Aide 9/19-10/4  WTh  1p-5p  $80 + book 

Pharmacy Technician Training

ID# Course Dates Days Time Cost
119644  Pharmacy Tech Training 9/5-12/17  MW  6:30p-9:30p  $190 + book

Phlebotomy (National Certification)

ID# Course Dates Days Time Cost
116950 Phlebotomy 2/5-6/1 MWTh 6p-10p $215 + book
Clinical Clinical Phlebotomy varies M-F 8a-5p $215 + book
116951 Phlebotomy 7/9-11/6 MWTh 6p-10p $215 + book
Clinical Clinical Phlebotomy varies M-F 8a-5p $215 + book
119744 Phlebotomy 1/28-5/23 MWTh 6p-10p $215 + book
  Clinical Phlebotomy varies M-F 8a-5p $215 + book

12 Lead EKG - Monitor Technician

ID# Course Dates Days Time Cost
115665 EKG Monitor Technician 5/8-7/24  TTh  8:30a-12:30p  $205 + book
119647  EKG Monitor Technician 9/11-11/20  TTh  8:30a-12:30p  $205 + book 

BLS (Basic Life Support) Healthcare Provider

ID# Course Dates Days Time Cost
Spring 2018          
115644  BLS Provider   4/13  8:30a-3:30p  $80 + book/mask  
115645 BLS Provider  4/14 Sa 8:30a-3:30p $80 + book/mask
Summer 2018          
115779 BLS Provider  5/18 F 8:30a-3:30p $80 + book/mask 
115780 BLS Provider  5/19 Sa 8:30a-3:30p $80 + book/mask 
115781 BLS Provider  6/15 F 8:30a-3:30p $80 + book/mask
115782 BLS Provider  6/16 Sa 8:30a-3:30p $80 + book/mask 
115783 BLS Provider  7/20 F 8:30a-3:30p $80 + book/mask
115784 BLS Provider  7/21 Sa 8:30a-3:30p $80 + book/mask
Fall 2018          
119649  BLS Provider 8/17  8:30a-3:30p  $80 + book/mask 
119650  BLS Provider  8/18  Sa  8:30a-3:30p  $80 + book/mask 
119651  BLS Provider  9/21  8:30a-3:30p  $80 + book/mask 
119652  BLS Provider  9/22  Sa  8:30a-3:30p  $80 + book/mask 
119653  BLS Provider  10/19  8:30a-3:30p  $80 + book/mask 
119654  BLS Provider  10/20  Sa  8:30a-3:30p  $80 + book/mask 
119655  BLS Provider  11/16  8:30a-3:30p  $80 + book/mask 
119656  BLS Provider  11/17  Sa  8:30a-3:30p  $80 + book/mask 


Nursing Assistant I

Would you like to learn how to provide personal care and perform basic nursing skills. Our NA I program includes classroom, lab, and clinical learning experiences. If you desire to enroll in this class, you must meet admission requirements. At the end of the course, a successful graduate will receive a certificate of course completion and assistance with application process for the Pearson Vue NC State Testing ($101). Location: GS 115 and GS 303. 144 hours. Cost: $213, Books: approximately $45.

Nursing Assistant II

Are you an NA I and interested in performing advanced nursing procedures?Our NA II program includes 80 hours classroom/lab and 80 hours clinical learning experiences. You must meet admission requirements, be CPR certified through an American Heart Association approved CPR course, and have a current listing as an NA I with the Division of Health Service Regulation in Raleigh. Upon successful completion, you will be listed with the NC Board of Nursing with employment opportunities at the hospital, doctor's office, and home health levels. At the end of the course, a successful graduate will submit a Board of Nursing Test Fee of $24. Prerequisite: Nursing Assistant I. Location: GS 115 and Vidant. 160 hours. Cost: $215. Books: approximately $135.

Nursing Assistant I Clinical

This applies the skills learned in class/lab in a long term care or skilled nursing facility (nursing home). 48 hours.

Nursing Assistant II Clinical

88 hours.

Nursing Assistant Refresher I

Do you need a refresher on Nursing Assistant I materials and skills? You are eligible if your NA I has expired (by no more than 5 years of expiration) or if you are certified in another state and desire certification in NC. Documentation of expired certification or current state certification, a copy of your state photo ID, and verification of Social Security Card is needed to apply. Both photo ID and SS card must match for Pearson Vue Testing. Prerequisite: Must be previously listed as an NA I. Location: GS 115. 40 hours. Cost: $135. Books: approximately $60. Pearson Vue State Testing fee: $101.00.

Nurse Aide II Competency Testing

This course is designed to provide you an opportunity to demonstrate competency skills required by the NC Board of Nursing to practice as an NA II. If you have been off the NA II registry 24 months or less then you are eligible to take this test. You must be active on the NA I registry and have been listed on the NA II registry. By successfully demonstrating all required skills, you will be referred to the Board of Nursing for re-listing on the NA II registry. At the end of the course, a successful graduate will submit a Board of Nursing Test fee of $24. Contact Rosemary Wallace at 252.493.7733 or rwallace@email.pittcc.edu to schedule. Location: GS 303. 8 hours. Cost: $80; practice kit is $63.

Medication Aide

Do you want to become qualified as a Medication Aide? This course will cover the six rights of medication administration for non-licensed personnel including: medication administration via the oral, topical and instillation routes; medical asepsis; hand hygiene; terminology; and legal implications. Upon completion, you should be able to take the competency exam and demonstrate skills necessary to qualify for listing on the NC Medication Aide Registry. You must be a Nursing Assistant I to work as a Medication Aide in a Skilled Nursing Facility. Location: GS 303. 24 hours. Cost: $80; book is approximately $16.05.

BLS (Basic Life Support) Healthcare Provider

BLS Provider is a basic life support course including relief of foreign body airway obstruction, 1 and 2 rescuers CPR in infant, child, and adult, and use of automated external defibrillators in adult and child. Location: GS 404. 6 hours. Cost: $80, Book (AHA-Health Care Provider) & Face Mask approximately $32.64 (+tax) at PCC bookstore, and both are required.

12 Lead EKG Monitor Technician

The EKG Monitor Technician Program focuses on Acute and Critical Care Heart Monitoring and reflects the latest knowledge in the Cardiac field. It begins by covering all the basics of arrhythmia interpretation and covers cardiac anatomy and physiology and clinical interpretation of the electrocardiography and pacemaker rhythms. This program may be taken by a student with either no EKG training or by a student who previously had basic EKG training interpretation. Employment is usually at the hospital level, in an Acute or Critical Care area of the hospital setting. Location: GS 404. 82 hours. Cost: $205, Book: approximately $65.

Phlebotomy (National Certification)

Phlebotomy training prepares you to draw blood specimens from patients for the purpose of testing and analyzing blood. A phlebotomist's job includes maintenance of equipment used in obtaining blood specimen; the use of appropriate communication skills when working with patients; the selection of venipuncture sites; the care of blood specimen; and the entry of the testing process into the computer, as well as clerical duties associated with record keeping of the blood tests. The course consists of theory and clinical experiences in performing blood collections. You must be a high school graduate or have your High School Equivalency, have or be scheduled to take Healthcare Provider CPR, and meet immunization requirements. Forty hours of clinical rotation is required for each student to complete the program. Clinical times and locations will be designated by instructor and may vary in dates and time. Location: GS 404. 232 hours. Cost: $215. Book: approximately $70.

Pharmacy Technician Training

Learn the basic knowledge and skills required to work as a technician in a pharmacy. This course includes basic math, compounding, drug calculations, drug classifications, drug distributions, basic terminology, and an overview for the PTCB certification exam. At the end of the course you will be prepared to sit for the PTCB certification exam. Pharmacy technicians who are certified are being employed in traditional as well as innovative practice models across the nation. Employing CPhTs allows pharmacies to expand services and enhance patient care, and gives pharmacists more time to spend with patients, providing drug information, answering questions, and promoting compliance with medication regimens. Certification provides the public and pharmacists with greater confidence in their pharmacies. Location: CER 245. 90 hours. Cost: $190, Book: approximately $175.