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Registration Information

View the course calendar. This calendar should provide the most up to date information, including all classes that are added, changed or canceled for various reasons.

All class times are posted in the course calendar.

Registration packets may be picked up at the Greenville Center in room 121, located at 3107 S. Memorial Drive.

Locations will be posted in the course calendar.

High School Students and anyone not 18 years of age MUST complete and turn into the Instructor a High School Data Form for each class they take. No one under the age of 18 will receive certification credit for any class deemed hazardous under Child Labor Laws and North Carolina Occupational Health and Safety standards.

First time students at PCC will need to complete a Student Data Form [.pdf]. This form must be turned over to the instructor prior to the conclusion of class.

All students must complete a Registration Form when registering for a class.