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Registration Information

All class times are posted in the course calendar.

Pitt County Fire Departments: Please notify pccemgt@email.pittcc.edu if you wish to have certification/non-cert classes at your location!

Locations will be posted in the course calendar.

High School Students and anyone not 18 years of age MUST complete and turn into the Instructor a High School Data Form for each class they take. No one under the age of 16 will receive certification credit for any class deemed hazardous under Child Labor Laws and North Carolina Occupational Health and Safety standards.

First time students at PCC will need to complete a Student Data Form [.pdf]. This form must be turned over to the Instructor prior to the conclusion of class.

All students must complete a Registration Form when registering for a class. 

Students that have not completed the Certification Application Form from OSFM must do so. The Certification Application Form MUST be completed and turned into OSFM before any Certification Credit can be given.

Attendance Requirements

Students must be present on the first day to register for the class. Students must be present on the last day of class to take any required test. Students must attend 75% of the class to be eligible for any end of class testing. Once you take the Practical Examination and complete the Written Examination PCC will grade the test and transmit the PASS/FAIL information to OSFM. The Student MUST PASS the Practical Examination prior to taking the Written Examination. A passing score of 70% will be required on both the Practical Skills Examination and the Written Examination. It will take approximately 90 to 120 days from when the class ended for the scores to be posted on OSFM's website.

Special Information

Anyone wishing to take any of the Ropes Specialty classes must have completed the Rescue Technician-VMR classes prior to receiving credit for any of the Ropes Specialty courses. Anyone wishing to take any of the Rescue Specialty classes (Confined Space, Trench, Structural Collapse, Surface Water Rescue) must have completed Rescue Technician-VMR prior to receiving any credit for these specialty classes.