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How to configure common pop-up blockers to work with Moodle

Moodle's secure quiz environment requires that popup blockers allow Moodle to work in a pop-up.

What are pop-ups?

Pop-up windows, or pop-ups, are browser windows that appear automatically without your permission while viewing the web. Typically pop-ups vary in size, but rarely do they cover your whole browser window. They can be intrusive, typically advertising and in some instances are necessary - as they are with Moodle's secure quiz environment.

Listed below are some of the most popular pop-up blocking software packages and instructions to enable pop-up blockers to allow Moodle to work. There are dozens of pop-up blocking software packages and we are unable to list each here, but we have chosen the most popular. Generally, most pop-up blockers will install themselves either within the browser toolbar, or within the Windows Taskbar along the bottom right corner of your screen.

Depending upon what is installed on your computer, it is possible that you may have more than one pop-up blocker running. You will have to either disable all of your pop-up blockers or configure them to allow Moodle as an exception for Moodle's secure quiz environment to work properly.

Once you have reviewed these instructions and have disabled the pop-up blockers in your system or allowed Moodle as an exception, you should be able to access your quiz.

How do I know if I have pop-up blockers?

Let's first test to see if you have a pop-up blocker installed. Click on this link and you should get 10 pop-up windows. If you don't, you have a pop-up blocker installed. 

The following list will help you in identifying your pop-up blocker(s) and how to configure them.

Browser Tool Bar 
Google Chrome AOL
Firefox Google
Internet Explorer Yahoo!