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Pitt Community College

Facility Master Planning Overview

General Overview

Beginning in March, 2009, Pitt Community College began an update to its comprehensive facility master plan. The purpose of this initiative was to identify current and projected academic and service space needs and set a general facility construction agenda. PCC students, faculty, staff, board of trustee members, and county employers provided insights and ideas that led to the final plan.

The facility master plan illustrated was adopted by the Pitt Community College Board of Trustees at its October, 2009 Meeting.

Project Firms


  1. Work completed from March-May, 2009
    • Existing facility conditions identified.
    • Facility space utilization & needs assessment. Inclusive and comprehensive information derived from PCC employees and stakeholders. The following three methods were used:
      1. Survey research (150 survey responses representing college divisions and departments informed project personnel on space and program needs)
      2. Focus Groups-PCC Students, Pitt County employers and PCC Foundation members
      3. Oral interviews with PCC employees
    • MBAJ Developed a Space Utilization Report (tables and narrative illustrating current space needs)
    • Project future space needs (demographic, enrollment, census, and FTE data)
    • PCC Facility Master Plan Advisory Committee conducted monthly meetings with project personnel. The purpose of the meetings were to reinforce the collaborative nature of the facility planning process and help filter and shape ideas for the final PCC facility master plan.
  2. Work completed from May-October, 2009
    • Refine Space Utilization Report
    • Develop general themes and needs for the final Space Utilization Report
    • MBAJ developed master plan options to share with Facility Master Plan Advisory Committee before final presentation to PCC Board
    • Final Presentation to Board.