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Shipping Procedures

The Shipping & Receiving section is responsible for the shipping of all out-going college packages.

Shipments the college will defray cost for:

Step # 1
Deliver the packages to Shipping & Receiving, (bldg # 5 on college map), or notify Shipping & Receiving that you have a package you need picked up for shipping. Inform Shipping & Receiving of the delivery by date, when you want the package delivered.

Step # 2
Provide a complete shipping address for the addressee. The shipping address must be a physical location. The address can not be a post office box. The address should include but not limited to the following:

Shipments the vendor will defray cost for:

Note: These shipments normally are completed via Call Tags.

Call Tags
Call Tags are Shipping Labels mailed to you or given to driver to be place on package being shipped out. The Purchasing Office and the vendor must be notified in these situations. If the vendor tells you that a Call Tag will be mailed to you, hold the package until you receive the Call Tag. If the vendor tells you that the driver will deliver the Call Tag, write the RMA# on the package and send it to Shipping & Receiving for pickup. Shipping & Receiving will send you a copy of the Call Tag or Call Tag receipt for your records.

Never hold a package in your office if the driver will be delivering the Call Tag.
The driver may arrive and request the package while you are not available or off campus.