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Information Technology Resources
Acceptable Use Policy


The primary purposes of the Pitt Community College Information Technology Resources are educational. The college's mission is to educate and empower people for success. All users must understand this purpose.

Code of Conduct for Users of pittcc.edu

The users of pittcc.edu (all of Information Technology Resources) must rely on the honesty, integrity, and respect for the rights of others and on a conscious effort to be of service to others and the community. The College does not attempt to define all acceptable or unacceptable uses of the Information Technology Resources. Acceptable conduct must be assessed by individual users. The following information assists the users in making such assessments.

Examples of Acceptable Use Encouraged by Pitt Community College

Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources for:

  1. Obtaining and spreading knowledge;
  2. Gathering research material and data;
  3. Analyzing research material and data;
  4. Providing data and research in support of public service;
  5. Preparing course materials;
  6. Enhancing educational approaches and teaching methods;
  7. Enhancing course work;
  8. Developing surveys and administering targeted demographic surveys.

Examples of Unacceptable Use

Users are responsible for their actions and activities on pittcc.edu, including responsibility for becoming informed of and complying with license and copyright provisions of the software they use. Unacceptable use of the Information Technology Resources will result in suspension or revocation of those privileges, and in some cases, based on the severity of offense, may include discipline up to and including possible employment termination or suspension from PCC.

Unacceptable Use Includes:

  1. Using the Information Technology Resources for any illegal activity, including violation of copyright or other contracts;
  2. Using the Information Technology Resources for financial or other commercial gain;
  3. Degrading or disrupting equipment or system performance;
  4. Vandalizing the data of another user;
  5. Wastefully using finite resources;
  6. Gaining unauthorized access to resources or entities, including unauthorized use of others' passwords;
  7. Invading the privacy of individuals;
  8. Posting anonymous messages;
  9. Creating and / or displaying threatening, obscene, racist, sexist, or harassing (persistently annoying of another user) material, including broadcasting unsolicited messages or sending unwanted mail;
  10. Using the Information Technology Resources in support of groups outside the College when such use is not in keeping with the mission of the College; and
  11. Using personal web pages not primarily focused on the mission of the College.

Network Procedures

Distribution of the Policy

The PCC Information Technology Resources Acceptable Use Policy will be distributed to all employees and all students. It will be posted electronically on PCC's computers which are available for use by the general public and students. It will also be posted in computer labs. It will be printed in student orientation materials and the PCC General Catalog.