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Athletic Mission Statement

The PCC Intercollegiate Athletic Department's mission is to educate and empower student-athletes for success in:

This mission will be achieved by pursuing the following goals:

It is the athletic department's philosophy that students can best be served in an environment that recognizes the contributions and importance of its faculty and staff. Thus, through the Faculty Senate, Student Government Association, Athletic Academic Advisory Committee, Athletic Department Advisory Committee and other campus organizations, the athletic program receives faculty, staff and student feedback and evaluation to determine its effectiveness.

PCC's athletic program is designed to meet the unique needs of a diverse group of student-athletes who come from both traditional and non-traditional backgrounds.

Our intercollegiate athletic teams participate in the National Junior College Athletic Association's (NJCAA) Region X Conference. PCC fields teams in men’s basketball, baseball, fast-pitch softball and women’s volleyball.

The college accepts its responsibility to provide a fair and equitable process for selecting those who participate in athletic competition.

PCC believes athletic participation is a privilege and seeks to provide an environment free from drug and substance abuse for the purpose of enhancing athletic performance by any athlete engaged in competition.

Athletes must remember they represent PCC at all times. Therefore, the use of profanity or unsportsmanlike behavior not only reflects badly against the athlete but the college as well.

Our athletes must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the athletic department and its coaching staff and are subject to NJCAA rules.

Athletes must maintain a grade point average that meets or exceeds NJCAA, PCC and PCC Athletic Department guidelines in order to participate in athletic competition.

Additionally, athletes must communicate with faculty regarding scheduled events that require absence from class(es) and must be responsible for making up class work in a timely manner.

PCC athletes are subject to the same academic requirements as all other students pertaining to admission, academic standing and graduation. No academic exceptions are made for student-athletes at the college.