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Sustainability Pledge

The PCC Sustainability Committee is inviting students, faculty and staff to support sustainability in our community by signing the PCC Sustainability Pledge.  This Pledge was created to encourage sustainable practices both on campus and at home to increase our personal and environmental responsibility.

The Pledge:

As a member of the PCC community, I pledge to take actions to reduce the impact my lifestyle, daily activities, and choices have on the local and global environment.  I will:

1. Take Responsibility
Each individual should feel and act responsible for our shared spaces and resources.  Educate others, ask questions, and work towards a cleaner, greener community.

2. Waste Less
Take steps to conserve electricity, water, fuel and materials.  Shut off the lights!  See the Green Home Checklist for ways to conserve at home!

3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Use more durable products, think before you send something to the landfill, and recycle everything you can! Check the Recycling in Pitt County page to find a list of accepted recyclable materials!

4. Support Local
Increase our community's ability to be self-reliant.  Support local businesses and agriculture.  Local products also reduce fossil fuel use for transportation.

5. Think Long Term
On a daily basis, consider the consequences that our actions today will have on future generations - our children!