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PCC Amateur Radio Club

The Pitt Community College Amateur Radio Club seeks to encourage students and its members to explore all that amateur radio has to offer.  Members learn the purpose and function of amateur radio in the local community, as well as the technologies used to provide communications both locally and internationally.  Members also have access to the club's amateur radio station located in the AB Whitley building when the necessary licensed supervision is present. 


The Radio Shack

The Pitt Community College Amateur Radio Station currently consists of two HF stations, two VHF stations, and a UHF station.

HF Station

Ham Radio Station

The primary HF Station transceiver is the Icom IC-7600.  This transceiver features state-of-the-art digital signal processing along with all of the other features needed for serious on-air operations.  This transceiver is primarily used for SSB and other voice modes.  A MXL BCD-1 broadcast condenser microphone is also used.

The secondary HF station is the IC-736 All-mode transceiver.  The radio is computer-interfaced and controlled via Ham Radio Deluxe software and the Signalink USB for digital operation and logging.  This station's primary use is digital modes, such as PSK-31.

Radio TowerThe HF antenna is the Hy-Gain TH-3JRS tri-band three element beam.  It is mounted approximately 55' above ground on the top of the tower.  A Yaesu G450 rotator is used to control the beam's heading. 

VHF/UHF Stations

One of the two VHF stations is used mainly for local repeater voice contacts.

The other VHF station is computer-interfaced for use as an APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) station.  This system allows the operator to view other APRS stations in the area (usually statewide and regional) and view their current location in real time on a map.  This system also provides other popular real-time capabilities, as well:

APRS is a great way to rapidly exchange digital information between stations without the need for Internet access.

The VHF antennas consist of a Comet GP-15 mounted above the HF tri-bander and a side mounted Comet GP-3 vertical.  The Comet GP-15 is approximately 60' above ground level and the Comet GP-3 vertical is approximately 40' above ground level.  Both antennas are switchable to either VHF station.

The UHF station is a Yaesu FT-8900R quad-band radio mainly used for UHF (440 MHz) and some 6m/2m repeaters.  It is connected to a side-mounted Comet GP-3 dual-band vertical antenna at approximately 40' above ground level.



ARRLThe PCC Amateur Radio Club was approved for affiliation by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) in May 2010.

The club will also be participating is several amateur radio events throughout the year.  Visit the Events page for more information on what's happening at K4PCC!


For More Information...

For more information, contact Prentice Tyndall via email or (252) 493-7511.