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Testing Accommodation Policy

The purpose of the Testing Accommodation Policy is to ensure appropriate academic standards are maintained while providing testing accommodations in accordance with the law by the Office of Disability Services (ODS) staff, Pitt Community College faculty and students. 

Download the Testing Accommodation Policy (pdf)

Test Proctor Form

The purpose of the Test Proctor Form is to ensure tests are administered in the Office of Disability Services according to faculty instructions. All tests proctored by ODS must be accompanied by a Test Proctor Form. The form can be completed in writing or electronically.

Download the Test Proctor Form (template)

Electronic Test Submission

Faculty now have the option of transmitting testing materials to and from the Office of Disability Services electronically. Test materials for students using the ODS Testing Center can now be delivered via email. Faculty must forward test materials to the following address: pccodstest@my.pittcc.edu. Please do not forward tests to ODS staff accounts. 

Submit a test in six easy steps: 

Step 1: Complete the electronic “Test Proctor Form” 

Step 2: Create a New Email to PCCODSTEST 

Step 3: In the subject line type: Course Prefix and Course Number (Ex. PSY-123) 

Step 4: Leave the body of the email blank 

Step 5: Attach the completed Test Proctor Form and test to the email 

Step 6: Send Email 

Shortly after sending the email, you will receive a reply from pccodstest “canned response”. This automated message will confirm receipt of your test transmission. Please retain this reply for your records.


All information and instructions related to the test must be noted on the Test Proctor Form. Any information noted in the body will not be reviewed. DO NOT include the student’s name or any variation thereof in the subject line. To do so is a potential breach of confidentiality. This email is designed solely for test transmission. For additional inquiries, please contact the office at: (252) 493-7557.