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College Update

August 2017

If Earth shrank to the size of a mustard seed, then the comparable Sun would be a grapefruit 8 king-sized beds away, with nothing but 2 other mustard seeds (Mercury and Venus) possibly in-between.  The farthest planet would be one-third of a mile from the grapefruit, with only a few marbles and peppercorns between.  And the next closest star?  Proxima Centauri?  Another marble, in California!

                                              Dr. Joy Moses-Hall, “The Universe is a Whole Lot of Nothing”

Reflections on the vastness of the universe and our relative portion in it are rare indeed, so what a delight it was to see Physics instructor and PTK advisor Moses-Hall take on this topic in the Daily Reflector, especially in this interlude between summer and fall in our calendar.  PCC has faculty and staff volunteering and contributing to our community in so many ways, and this article’s juxtaposition of atoms and light years is worth reading in full.  It certainly is a good argument for the need for advising and clear course pathways for our students in this vastness of options.

In a tour of campus by NC House Majority Leader John Bell and staff this week, Automotive instructor Pete Gregory shared the complexity of maintaining automobile air-conditioners as well as the high costs of equipment in his field of study while describing how much in demand (and well-paid) our graduates are.  What he said had a major impact on our guests and may lead to better funding in the future for PCC and our students.

These are just two random displays of what we do to “educate and empower” our residents in our region as well as our students, both in credit and non-credit classes and in support services.  This “advocacy” is a major element of community service and benefits us all.

Of course, it takes the entire PCC team to make all this happen.  Everyone at the College has a part in our success as well as our challenges.  It is not often that we come together to communicate and share, and I invite you to the PCC Fall Convocation on Tuesday, August 15.  At the early morning, all-College session there will be a presentation by Dr. Cynthia Wilson of The League for Innovation on “Student Success Strategies.”  In the afternoon workshops, our own Jermaine McNair will lead two workshops on “Better Resource Delivery to Under Represented Populations” and there will be additional workshops led by League of Innovation staff.  All are invited to attend and learn new ways we can do our work.

In the meantime, New Student Orientations are moving forward.  John Carrere reports over 1000 students have attended a session so far.  Counselors are meeting initially with most new students, and the Success Navigators are doing the important advising work so that all students get off to positive starts.  There are three regular sessions remaining in August, and staff members are following up with those who have yet to complete orientation to encourage completion of the process.

In addition, an Adult Admissions and Orientation Day will be held this Saturday from 8 AM-12 noon to serve as many additional students as possible.  Please communicate about this “one-stop” opportunity to as many people as possible.

Earlier this summer PCC hosted the first visits of our “Water Scholars” students on campus.  PCC students and faculty, led by Donna Bivans, Samantha Chauncey, Christy Weeks and Dean Stephanie Rook welcomed a group from Veracruz for research and cultural exchange.  In late June, Dean Dan Mayo and Amelia Martin in their return from our final graduation ceremony at Wuxi Technical Institute in China stopped by Songdo, South Korea, the recently named sister city of Greenville.  In addition to viewing a number of city officials and facilities, they visited Inha University to explore collaborative programs and opportunities for PCC students and employees.  It is too early to tell what potential developments might occur, but the Wuxi relationship lasted almost a decade and touched the lives of many at PCC and in China. 

Accomplishments and Recognitions

*Anna Pittman and Happy Gingras led a workshop in July on “Taking the Scary out of Data.”  This was very well received, and there will be more sessions to come.

*Baseball Coach Tommy Eason, Welding Chair Keith Kinlaw, Tim Strickland and others helped make PCC’s hosting of the State American Legion Post tournament a great success.

*Nursing Director Elizabeth Toderick announced a major advance toward final accreditation status in NLN’s Commission for Nursing Education.

*Career Center staff Liam Hutchins moved forward to the next round in NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars Experience, a great achievement for our student!

*Thomas Gould, Lori Preast, Shakeena White, Laurie Weston and others presented and participated in the NC Community Colleges Performance Partnership Summit on July 24-25 sponsored by the NC Student Success Center.  PCC received many kudos on our retention efforts.

Lots to do before Fall classes begin, including the Dedication Ceremony opening the new Walter and Marie Williams Science Building today at 3 PM.


                                                            G. Dennis Massey, President