Checking Grades

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Grade reports are NOT mailed to students at the end of each semester. Students must check their myPittCC  accounts (PCC Services tab)  for grades.  


? Check online through myPittCC account

? Once logged in, select "PCC Services" tab   

? Select "Grades" under Academic Profile on left hand side

? Select the term student wants to review grades for and click submit

? Students can also get a copy of their grades from the Registrar's Office (last resort)


? Grades start to come in during the exam period

? Grades are posted and verified throughout the day as they come in from instructors.  Students will not be able to view grades online until they are verified by the Registrar's office.

? All grades are due the day after the last final exam by 8:30am and should be available for students online the same day

Contact for further information:

Ella Atkinson


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