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Wellness Program

Fall 2009 PCC Faculty/Staff Wellness Challenge

The PCC Wellness Committee is pleased to announce the continuation of ongoing Wellness Offerings with the Fall 2009 Wellness Challenge. The Fall Challenge will allow the opportunity for participants to challenge themselves individually and to focus on specific health habits for each of the two-halves of the Fall Challenge.

The first-half of the Challenge will focus on your determined weight management goal along with focused efforts in consuming healthy amounts of fruits, vegetables and water. The second-half of the Challenge will continue to focus on your determined weight management goal and will shift from fruits, vegetable and water intake to setting goals to pursue Pedometer counted steps and acquiring minutes of Exercise.

As the result of the great participation, results and feedback from participants of our Spring Wellness Challenge we learned that many members of our PCC Family are interested in having more "ongoing" Campus-wide offerings and opportunities to help them "Eat Smart and Move More". Coupled with this and with results from ongoing health research concerning current health problems both in our State and Nationwide, we have organized an opportunity to pursue a healthy lifestyle as a Campus utilizing a fun, low level competition that can positively impact our individual lives as well as the entire campus. The potential benefits to be gained are immeasurable overall healthier employees are well worth the time, energy, effort and investment to support this great event.

The Challenge will provide the ability for our Faculty/Staff to pursue a healthier lifestyle through earning points gained by partaking of healthful habits in a fun competition format. Points will be earned by:

1. Each participant will have the opportunity to have a private and confidential personal body composition analysis (pre and post) and goal setting assistance. As well, weekly private and confidential weigh-ins will be held to provide accurate measures of each participant's progress in pursuit of their personal weight management goals. (Throughout the entire Challenge)

2. Individually recording your intake of water, fruits and vegetables (Focus for the First Half of the Challenge).

3. Individually recording your total steps taken each day and recording your total minutes of exercise (Focus for the Second Half of the Challenge).

Participants will receive a variety of information, learning and activity opportunities to further empower participants to succeed in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Information will include such topics as:

Benefits of Taking the Challenge:

Personal Investment:

A one-time $15 Participant fee (and quite possibly some sweat)

Enjoying the Results of Living a Healthy Lifestyle:


Registration Begins:

Monday, July 27th and Ends on Friday, September 4th.

How PCC Faculty/Staff Can Register:

1. Download the Registration Form.

2. Go by the Cashier's Office and pay the $15 Registration Fee.

3. Complete your Registration Form and send the form AND your Receipt, together,
to Jeff Ramey.

4. You will be contacted to set up an appointment for Individual Pre-challenge assessments, Personal Goal setting, and Other Pre-Challenge training (These appointments will begin on Monday, August 24th, 2009 and end on Friday, September 11th, 2009.)

The Faculty/Staff Wellness Challenge will initiate the active challenge beginning on Monday, September 14th, 2009 and the Challenge will run for 10 Weeks ending on Sunday, November 22nd, 2009.

For Further Information:

For more information about how to best get started in your personal pursuit of a Healthy Lifestyle please refer to the current Wellness Program Web Information at Getting Started or call 493-7399.