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Defining Wellness

To begin understanding the concept of Wellness, we first need to understand the term Health. Health is defined as "The ever-changing process of achieving individual potential in the physical, social, emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental dimensions." (Donatelle, Rebecca J./Access to Health Text).

As you can see, Health is not merely comprised of the physical dimension alone, it encompasses the variety of components inherent to the whole person. Also to note, each person possesses an individual potential concerning their own personal health.

As a result, we can discern that there are more areas for us to focus on pertaining to our personal health than just Physical and, that we all have our own individual potential to focus our energies and efforts upon. Wellness, then speaks to the inclusive focus of the many dimensions of the whole person with respect to our own individual potential.

Wellness is defined as "The achievement of the highest level of health possible in each of several dimensions." (Donatelle, Rebecca J./Access to Health Text).