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PCC Wellness Program History

What we've done to implement our mission

Wellness has been woven into the PCC Campus over the decades through great efforts that produced great offerings for our Faculty & Staff. The efforts included a wide variety of opportunities such as: Lunch & Learn, Aerobics and other Educational & Activity Classes/Sessions which have been offered throughout the history of PCC.

In 2007, our Administration initiated and supported the institutionalization of the Wellness program to develop and provide ongoing Wellness activities organized and offered year-round. During that Fall, President Massey organized a Wellness Committee comprised of representatives from the many Campus divisions and departments. This has culminated in an ongoing synergistic committee of people that are passionate about empowering PCC Staff & Faculty with opportunities to develop healthier lifestyles.

Fall 2007: Created an Employee Interest Survey

What we found out was that our folks want/feel they need:

1. Help Eating Smarter (Both, How to & Access to at Work)

2. Help Moving More (Areas of Specific Interest Included: Walking, Aerobics & Weight Training)

3. When they desired to participate (in activities):
They want activities within the framework of their regular work hours, Primarily Weekdays in the afternoon.

4. Finally, to note, They are strongly interested in working in a Tobacco-Free Environment.

Spring 2008: Implementing Offerings

From the survey results, we discerned that we needed/could do Wellness Topic Learning Sessions on Nutrition & Physical Activity

1. We researched and created 8 different Lunch & Learn Topics offered them between the times of 11:15am and 1pm and approximately 40-50 folks participated in them.

2. In addition, we offered 3 different Workout & Learn Topics and had approximately 10 folks participate during the afternoon sessions.

3. Also, Prior to the results from the survey an ongoing Drop-In Aerobics class was initiated utilizing one instructor. Where a Drop-In Aerobics Type Class was offered from about 5:10pm to 6:05pm where up to 3-12 on average that participated.


Another important accomplishment of the Committee was that we organized and put together and hosted a Health & Wellness Fair on Monday, March 31st from approximately 11am - 3pm.


Encouraging things we learned from the Health Fair participants (gained from our Exit/Online survey) were

1. Two-Thirds of the Participants shared that they planned on making changes in their lifestyles as a result of what they learned at the PCC Health & Wellness Fair.

2. About a third of the participants said they planned on getting a follow-up exam based on the results from their screenings and information that day.

3. About a 10th of the participants found they had a health problem that needed to be looked at/dealt with.

4. 100% would attend another PCC Health Fair.

Due to the amount of planning, preparation and promotion to have a successful Health Fair, we are currently thinking that this may be better offered every other year.

Summer 2008: Facilitated Weekly Exercise Classes and Learning Sessions

Offered and facilitated Exercise Classes, Fitness Assessments and other Wellness Learning Sessions throughout the Summer Term. As well as, continued researching and developing a strategy to implement a Wellness Challenge in Spring 2009.

Fall 2008: Offered Weekly Exercise Classes, Learning Sessions, Fitness Assessments and Prepared for the Spring 2009 Premier Wellness Challenge

Offered and facilitated Exercise Classes, Learning Sessions and Fitness Assessments throughout the Fall Term. As well, finished the development of the essential components to offer a viable Wellness Challenge for Spring 2009.

Spring 2009: Facilitated the First Faculty/Staff Wellness Challenge

Through December and January a total of 125 Faculty/Staff Registered for the first Campus-Wide Wellness Challenge. The Challenge lasted ten weeks. Seven days per week, participants monitored, recorded their efforts and earned points in respect to their Minutes of Exercise, Total Steps, Cups of Fruits, Vegetables and Water. By the end of the competition 90 Faculty/Staff completed the Challenge.

The Challenge proved successful as expressed in feedback from the participants as well as their overall results. The final tally of the great results accomplished as a Campus including successes as: losing 394 pounds, accumulating 3,202 hours of Exercise time, accumulating 29,825 Pedometer Measured Steps, consuming 36,518 glasses of water and consuming 25,430 cups of fruits and vegetables. Based on the feedback received from the participants and their great success, we will be utilizing the motivating synergy of holding future Campus-wide Challenges here at PCC.

What we are doing to continue the implementation of our mission
Each term the Committee continues Creating, Developing, Promoting, Offering and Evaluating a Variety of Active and Inactive Wellness Offerings for each Academic term. All with the mission of providing Wellness opportunities for our Faculty/Staff and promoting a Worksite Culture that supports their desire to develop and pursue healthier lifestyles. Please feel free to navigate and view a small sample of our Current Offerings or call 493-7399 for more information.