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PCC Will Offer Two New Programs in Fall 2011

WINTERVILLE—Starting this fall, Pitt Community College students will have a couple of new curriculum programs from which to choose.

When classes begin in August, the Business Division will begin offering the entire two-year Simulation and Game Development (SGD) curriculum along with Healthcare Business Informatics (HBI).

Though PCC students have been able to take SGD coursework on campus since the fall of 2007, the program was offered in partnership with Wake Technical Community College. As a result, students completed the first year of the program at Pitt before moving on to Wake Tech to finish their studies.

PCC’s two-year curriculum will provide students with a broad background in the simulation and game design field through instruction in creative and visual arts, audio/video technology, creative writing, modeling, design, programming and management. Students will receive hands-on training in design, 3-D modeling and programming for the purpose of creating computerized simulations and games.

As a result of the college’s membership in Apple’s iOS Developer University Program PCC will also teach mobile application design and development through its SGD, Computer Programming and Web Technologies curriculums. Apple designed the program for higher education institutions wanting to introduce iOS development into curriculums, which will allow students to develop, test and debug applications for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch using the iOS SDK and other Apple technologies.

SGD graduates can move on to become designers, artists, animators, programmers, testers, quality assurance analysts, engineers and administrators in variety of settings, including the entertainment industry, the health care field, education, corporate training and government organizations.

Healthcare Business Informatics will be offered through collaboration between the college’s Information Systems Technology, Healthcare Management Technology and Business Administration departments. The program prepares students to use information technology to support health care delivery and decision-making in a variety of health care facilities.

HBI coursework covers such areas as health care data standards, legal and regulatory issues, project management and infrastructure support.

Graduates should qualify for employment as database/data warehouse analysts, technical support professionals, informatics technology professionals, systems analysts, networking and security technicians, and computer maintenance professionals in the health care field.