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Invitation-Only Admissions Event Draws 50+

The first students to participate in PCC's new Priority Admissions Day program listen to PCC General Occupational Technology Instructor/Advisor Dana Parker (not pictured) discuss the college's culture and processes.

WINTERVILLE—Pitt Community College held a special admissions program for a select group of Pitt County high school students last week to help them register for fall classes and transition to higher education successfully.

The invitation-only event, called Priority Admissions Day, drew more than 50 Pitt County high school seniors to the Craig F. Goess Student Center on April 25. It was the first time PCC has allowed freshmen students to register before fall priority registration in the summer.

John Carrere, PCC Counselor/New Student Orientation Coordinator, helped coordinate Priority Admissions Day and said orientation for new students plays a key role in how well they make the move from high school to college. He said the students that participated in last week’s event now have the tools and information necessary to be successful in college.

"These students have shown they not only have the aptitude for college level learning, but they have demonstrated a strong intention to attend Pitt Community College,” Carrere said. “Because they've given us priority in their decision to continue their education at PCC, we wanted to return the sentiment by allowing them to register for classes early.”

“With high school graduation around the corner for these seniors, we're excited they have chosen to commit to PCC, and we're looking forward to their continued success when they arrive on campus in the fall."

Carrere says all of the students that took part in Priority Admissions Day applied early to PCC and had submitted their submitted high school transcripts and test score information to the college. He added that all of the participants had been exempted from taking placement testing and developmental courses.