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It's important for faculty and staff to have working knowledge of the Quality Enhancement Plan and pass information to students. Vice Presidents and Deans should ensure that departmental faculty and staff are aware of the QEP and involve your respective area in the planning and execution of the QEP.

See the Boarding Pass (PDF) to assist you in the important items as we embark on our Re-accreditation adventure!


Important SACS Reaffirmation Dates

May 2010 - Reaffirmation Teams and Leaders Announced

June 2010 - Process to Identify Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Topic

September 2010 - Finalized Writing Assignments for Compliance Certification

January 2011 - QEP Topic Announced, Orientation of Leadership Teams in Atlanta, Georgia

February 2011 - QEP Development Team Announced

March 2012 - Compliance Certification Due

May 2012 - Off-Site Review Conducted

August 2012 - QEP Due (Approximately)

September 2012 - On-Site Review Conducted

June 2013 - Re-accredited by the SACS-COC


Thank You to Faculty Serving on Committees!

SACS Reaffirmation Teams

Reaffirmation Leadership Team: Dr. G. Dennis Massey (Chair), Dr. Pamela Hilbert, Dr. Donald Spell, Dr. Larry Dendy and Dr. Lora Clark

QEP Identification Team: Dr. Bill Sypawka (Chair), Jean Sherrod, Alton Wadford, Ann Land, Carnell Lamm, Debbie Ambert, Sallie Stone, Andrew Walker, Dr. Kimberly Williamson and Joe Brittain

QEP Development Team: Dr. Stephanie Rook and Hilda Barrow

Editing Team: Darlene Smith-Worthington (Chair), Wendy Evans, Cathy Reynolds, Dan Stanford, Randy Allen and Sandra Mathis

Communication Team: Kelly B. Jones (Chair), Jim Ensor, Angela Martin, Sharon Ceres, Dondra Perkins, Susan Nobles, Ashley Smith, Rob Goldberg, Faith Fagan, Gayle Pate, Lenora Harvey, Lisa Gay, Stephen Whitlock, Nicole Mitchell, and Dustin Sharp

On-Site Visitation Team: Andre Gregory (Chair), Jody Venters, Rusty Sugg, Tony Gallardo, Ernis Lee, Kathy Carnes and Kathryn Minnick (Plus two faculty members to be named at a later date.)

IT Support Team: Don Hazelwood (Chair), Glenn Royster and Shanier Graham (Plus one member from Administrative Services to be named at a later date.)

Compliance Certification Oversight Team: Dr. Brian Miller (Chair), Joe Clark (Co-Editor), Regina Garcia (Co-Editor), Susan Everett, Donna Neal, Stephanie Woodley, Dr. Dan Mayo, Lynn McCormick, Joanne Ceres and Wayne Coates.

SACS Research/Writing Teams

Governance and Administration: Susan Everett (Chair), Dr. Van Madray, Roxanne Davenport, Leslie Rogers, Elaine Spencer and Lou Tugwell

Planning and Institutional Effectiveness: Donna Neal (Chair), Dr. Donnie Lee, Gail Nichols, Mary Paramore, Maurey Verzier, Lara Smith, Karen Sabo, Dr. Kimberly Williamson, Cindi Jernigan and Charles Griffin

Educational Programs: Stephanie Woodley (Chair), Karen Mozingo, Jeff Robinson, Marilyn Beaumont, Ty Davis, Rusty Sugg, Karen Lee, Altrice Gales, Susan Moore, Tom Lyons, Ray Heath, Greg Baldwin and LaTonya Evans

Faculty Credentials: Dr. Dan Mayo (Chair), JoAnn Schuhbauer and Mistie Butler

Library/Learning Resources: Lynn McCormick (Chair), Angela Davis, Tina Farmer and Vickie Coleman

Student Affairs: Joanne Ceres (Chair), Pat Baldwin, Roy Lanier, Mary Daniel, Dr. David Lusk, Junior Bailey and Shakeena White

Financial & Physical Resources: Tim Broadwell (Chair), Ricky Brown, Rick Owens, Lisa Reichstein, John Daughtery and Dr. Helen Parke

Compliance Certification: Dr. Brian Miller (Chair), Joe Clark (Editor/Reader), Regina Garcia (Editor/Reader), Don Hazelwood (IT), Kirk Grice (IT) and Emily Harringon (IT)